The Book

The book of Global Street Child will appear soon

Global Street Child encompasses hundred intimate portraits of street children in ten different countries divided in four continents. The portraits show the children in their vulnerability and strength. Because the children were asked to pose in their own manner, these photographs are not biased in victimization. Instead we are confronted with the children in a respectful and direct manner. The interviews show us insights into their hardships and hopes.
Ton Hendriks is an editorial and documentary portrait photographer, based in Amsterdam, doing projects about poverty, human rights and identity.

Street children live in dire circumstances, their rights and needs constantly being ignored. We should care as much about these children as we do of our own. Leaving them out there, fending for themselves against the odds, leaves scares on their souls and on our societies as a whole. Global Street Child, through the use of powerful images, raises awareness on the plight of these children. This is necessary so that efforts will be undertaken to change the situation of street children worldwide.

Mathijs Euwema, International Child Development Initiatives, Leiden, Holland.